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Grynch Clan Goblin

Informações gerais Grynch Clan Goblin

Durante o Natal os grynch clan goblins invadem todas as cidades tibianas para roubarem o máximo de presentes (mais...)

Pontos de Golpe: 80
Pontos de experiência: 4
Experiência / relação de HP: 0,05

Essa criatura não pode ser invocada nem convencida

Ataques especiais
SonsMe got ugly ones purse!
Me had it for five minutes. It's family heirloom now!
Catch me if you can!
T'was not me hand in your pocket!
Look! Cool stuff in house. Let's get it!
Uhh! Nobody home!
Me just borrowed it!
Me no steal! Me found it!
Nice human won't hurt little, good goblin?
Gimme gimme!
Invite me in you lovely house plx!
Other Goblin stole it!
All presents mine!
Free itans plz!
Not me! Not me!
Guys, help me here! Guys? Guys???
That only much dust in me pocket! Honest!
Can me have your stuff?
Halp, Big dumb one is after me!
Uh, So many shiny things!
Utani hur hur hur!
Mee? Stealing? Never!!!
Oh what fun it is to steal a one-horse open sleigh!
Must have it! Must have it!
Where me put me lockpick?
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