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Criaturas do Tibia

Nome Exp HP Exp/HP Loot
Bad Dream Bad Dream ? [Estatística de Loot]
Badger Badger 5 23 0,22 Acorn, Badger Fur, Beetroot - [Estatística de Loot]
Bandit Bandit 65 245 0,27 Axe, Brass Armor, Brass Shield, Chain Helmet, Gold Coin, Iron Helmet, Leather Legs, Mace, Tomato - [Estatística de Loot]
Bane Bringer Bane Bringer 400 2500 0,16 [Estatística de Loot]
Bane Lord 	Bane Lord Bane Lord Bane Lord 500 3000 0,17 [Estatística de Loot]
Bane Of Light Bane Of Light 750 1100 0,68 [Estatística de Loot]
Banshee Banshee 900 1000 0,9 Black Pearl, Blue Robe, Candlestick, Dirty Cape, Gold Coin, Hair Of A Banshee, Life Crystal, Lyre, Petrified Scream, Poison Dagger, Ring Of Healing, Silver Amulet, Silver Brooch, Simple Dress, Spellbook, Stone Skin Amulet, Strong Mana Potion, Terra Mantle, Wedding Ring, White Pearl - [Estatística de Loot]
Barbaria Barbaria 355 600 0,59 [Estatística de Loot]
Barbarian Bloodwalker Barbarian Bloodwalker 195 305 0,64 Battle Axe, Chain Armor, Chain Helmet, Gold Coin, Halberd, Ham, Health Potion, Lamp - [Estatística de Loot]
Barbarian Brutetamer Barbarian Brutetamer 90 145 0,62 Book, Chain Armor, Corncob, Fur Bag, Fur Boots, Gold Coin, Hunting Spear, Staff - [Estatística de Loot]
Barbarian Headsplitter Barbarian Headsplitter 85 100 0,85 Brass Helmet, Brown Piece Of Cloth, Fur Boots, Gold Coin, Health Potion, Knife, Krimhorn Helmet, Scale Armor, Skull, Torch, Viking Helmet - [Estatística de Loot]
Barbarian Skullhunter Barbarian Skullhunter 85 135 0,63 Brass Helmet, Brown Piece Of Cloth, Gold Coin, Health Potion, Knife, Life Ring, Ragnir Helmet, Scale Armor, Skull, Torch, Viking Helmet - [Estatística de Loot]
Baron Brute Baron Brute 3000 5025 0,6 [Estatística de Loot]
Bat Bat 10 30 0,33 Bat Wing, Party Trumpet - [Estatística de Loot]
Battlemaster Zunzu Battlemaster Zunzu 2455 5000 0,49 Gold Coin, Lizard Leather, Lizard Scale, Red Lantern, Small Emerald, Strong Health Potion, Zaoan Legs, Zaoan Shoes, Zaogun Flag, Zaogun Shoulderplates - [Estatística de Loot]
Bear Bear 23 80 0,29 Bear Paw, Ham, Honeycomb, Meat - [Estatística de Loot]
Behemoth Behemoth 2500 4000 0,63 Amphora, Assassin Star, Battle Stone, Behemoth Claw, Big Bone, Crowbar, Crystal Necklace, Dark Armor, Double Axe, Giant Sword, Gold Coin, Great Health Potion, Meat, Perfect Behemoth Fang, Pick, Plate Armor, Platinum Coin, Small Amethyst, Steel Boots, Strange Symbol, Titan Axe, Two Handed Sword, War Axe - [Estatística de Loot]
Berrypest Berrypest 0 500 0 [Estatística de Loot]
Berserker Chicken Berserker Chicken 220 465 0,47 [Estatística de Loot]
Betrayed Wraith Betrayed Wraith 3500 4200 0,83 Battle Hammer, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Double Axe, Gold Coin, Orichalcum Pearl, Platinum Coin, Skull Helmet, Small Diamond, Sniper Arrow, Soul Orb, Spike Sword, Unholy Bone - [Estatística de Loot]
Big Boss Trolliver Big Boss Trolliver 105 150 0,7 [Estatística de Loot]
Black Knight Black Knight 1600 1800 0,89 [Estatística de Loot]
Black Sheep Black Sheep 0 20 0 Meat - [Estatística de Loot]
Blazing Fire Elemental Blazing Fire Elemental 650 450 1,44 Fiery Heart, Flaming Arrow, Glimmering Soil, Gold Coin - [Estatística de Loot]
Blightwalker Blightwalker 3350 8900 0,38 Blank Rune, Bunch Of Wheat, Bundle Of Cursed Straw, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Garlic Necklace, Gold Coin, Gold Ring, Great Health Potion, Hailstorm Rod, Poison Arrow, Rusty Armor, Scythe, Seeds, Skull Staff, Soul Orb, Terra Legs - [Estatística de Loot]
Blistering Fire Elemental Blistering Fire Elemental 1300 ? Fiery Heart, Glimmering Soil, Gold Coin, Small Ruby, Wand Of Draconia - [Estatística de Loot]
Blood Beast Blood Beast 1000 1600 0,63 Glooth Amulet, Glooth Axe, Glooth Blade, Glooth Club, Glooth Spear, Glooth Steak, Gold Coin, Poisoned Fang, Poisonous Slime, Slime Heart, Strong Health Potion, Viper Star - [Estatística de Loot]
Blood Crab Blood Crab 160 290 0,55 Bloody Pincers, Brass Legs, Chain Armor, Fish, Gold Coin, White Pearl - [Estatística de Loot]
Blood Hand Blood Hand 750 700 1,07 [Estatística de Loot]
Blood Priest Blood Priest 900 820 1,1 [Estatística de Loot]
Bloodpaw Bloodpaw 50 100 0,5 Criatura está sempre vazia
Blue Djinn Blue Djinn 215 330 0,65 Blue Piece Of Cloth, Blue Rose, Book, Carrot, Gold Coin, Mana Potion, Royal Spear, Small Oil Lamp, Small Sapphire - [Estatística de Loot]
Bog Raider Bog Raider 800 1340 0,6 Belted Cape, Boggy Dreads, Gold Coin, Great Health Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Paladin Armor, Plate Legs, Springsprout Rod, Ultimate Health Potion - [Estatística de Loot]
Bonebeast Bonebeast 580 515 1,13 Big Bone, Bone, Bone Club, Bone Shield, Bonebeast Trophy, Bony Tail, Gold Coin, Green Mushroom, Hardened Bone, Health Potion, Plate Armor, Skull - [Estatística de Loot]
Bonelord Bonelord 170 260 0,65 Bonelord Eye, Bonelord Shield, Envelope From The Wizards, Gold Coin, Longsword, Mana Potion, Morning Star, Party Hat, Small Flask Of Eyedrops, Spellbook, Steel Shield, Terra Rod, Two Handed Sword, Wooden Shield - [Estatística de Loot]
Bones Bones 3750 9500 0,39 [Estatística de Loot]
Boogey Boogey 475 940 0,51 [Estatística de Loot]
Boreth Boreth 1800 1400 1,29 Blood Preservation, Gold Coin, Platinum Coin, Strong Health Potion - [Estatística de Loot]
Bovinus Bovinus 60 150 0,4 Criatura está sempre vazia
Braindeath Braindeath 985 1225 0,8 Bone Sword, Bonelord Eye, Clerical Mace, Gold Coin, Haunted Blade, Piece Of Dead Brain, Sniper Arrow, Spellbook, Spiked Squelcher, Steel Shield - [Estatística de Loot]
Brimstone Bug Brimstone Bug 900 1300 0,69 Brimstone Fangs, Brimstone Shell, Gold Coin, Lump Of Earth, Magic Sulphur, Platinum Amulet, Poisonous Slime, Small Emerald, Stealth Ring, Strong Health Potion, Strong Mana Potion, Sulphurous Stone - [Estatística de Loot]
Brutus Bloodbeard Brutus Bloodbeard 500 1200 0,42 [Estatística de Loot]
Bug Bug 18 29 0,62 Cherry, Gold Coin - [Estatística de Loot]
Butterfly Butterfly 0 2 0 Criatura está sempre vazia