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segunda 17 outubro 2011 - postado por Swifty Dark
Swifty DarkTibiaML has around 10 members on it and around 50+ guests but that's all I've seen at peak tme ;\ Tibiacity all I saw was 71 guests ;s It's a shame really that it's gotten this way! Tibia is still a brilliant game but most people don't realise it. I'll take a look at Exhit later!
segunda 17 outubro 2011 - postado por Swifty Dark
Swifty DarkI never knew he owned so many fansites for Tibia, he must have a passion for the game! I did have a look at Tibiacity the other day, but it seemed more empty than TibiaML :\

The other sites I don't really visit because I think they are forgien :3 English ftw.
domingo 16 outubro 2011 - postado por Swifty Dark
Swifty DarkYou seem to be on every fansite I visit, What's your beef? ^^
terça 21 setembro 2010 - postado por Tanis
TanisYour friendship with Knight of the White Wolf has been broken

i wonder why such inactive and untrustfull person can be mod...
sexta 04 dezembro 2009 - postado por Gera
Gerawazup m8! do you know whats going on? we are getting invaded every day by different illegal advertisers and such :S
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